FOUNDER : Ke-Feng Lin President
President Ke-Feng Lin converted to a vegetarian after exposed to Buddhism at the age of 29. Now, for more than 20 years, she is still devoted in the way she has been living. Miss Lin started with an idea of “see it living rather than dying; hear its voice rather than eat its flesh.” Vow Zen and devote to the multitudes. 1987, she could not bear watching people eating a lot of unnecessary food additives, such as preservatives, artificial pigments, and set a goal of “healthy, tasty, pure and contamination-free.” She started at home by trying to cook up some high-quality, clean and tasty vegetarian treats for the general public. Before she knew it, she devoted herself in this so much, she established the famous Wu Liang Shou Vegetarian Factory in 1989.

At that time, this vegetarian lady knew nothing but working blindly and looking for Zen in her hard work every day. For every product she had her hands on, she used nothing but the best ingredients available. Despite that the source of supply was not as abundant as there is today, she was still full of confidence, never quit and kept on researching with every dollar she had. She wanted that every unique vegetarian dish came out to be perfect, healthy and tasty. For 7 consecutive years, the mainstream products have won the honor of 「Consumer`s Gold Medal」 and led a revolution in vegetarian food development in Taiwan all the way till now. The influence was unprecedented. During these years, Miss Lin was elected as 「a woman of wonder in Taipei」 by the City of Taipei.

President Ke-Feng Lin after years of work has found that the most necessary food for modern people should have usages to adjust whole human body and soul function. She has often thought that the presence on earth all originate from the energy; why do not study nature organic plant, flowers and minerals contain sound energy and further develop the delicious food beneficial to the human body? In 1996, she toured the world in search for natural preventive medical treatments and taking courses of practical and clinical training. After returned to Taiwan in 1999 and was invited as chief consultant for “GREEN LIFE® “for the promotion of vital diets, biotechnology, in vivo environmental protection, natural health treatment and homoeopathic health treatment.